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Off to Maine…


heading out tomrrow morning.  really looking forward to this trip, been needing a break.  hopefully the weather holds.




is a fresh mohawk.



i’m gonna be an uncle.  i mean, i’m already an uncle what with katie’s nieces.  but i’m gonna be an uncle from another side of the family.  unarra, one of my oldest and best friends, is having a boy.  yvonne is due in november.  he sent me a few pictures back in may. unarra, my […]


New work…


just posted some new boards for a show called “in harm’s way” over at code of primus.  check ’em out.

Pure awesome…


so the new batman was filmed partially in IMAX.  for those that don’t know, IMAX is the biggest film stock available (8k: 8000 pixels across.  typical film is 2k, or maybe 4k.)  its really expensive to film with and to process.  in fact, theres only one lab in the world that can do it.  the […]

just found out that the avett brothers have signed a deal with rick rubin to record their next album.  for those of you that don’t know (cause i didn’t), rick rubin has produced everything from beastie boys to metallica. this is huge for the boys from concord. they put on one hell of a show […]

Hulk smash!!!


saw this last night.  thought it was pretty good.  a far cry from ang lee’s abomination (heh, get it? abomination? anyone?). anyway, the effects were good, thought there were a few shots that were iffy, but otherwise pretty damn awesome.  its what you want it to be.  the hulk screaming and tearing up shit.  acting […]

this doesn’t change my mind about shopping there.

apparently my geekiness knows no bounds.  i’ve started playing this miniatures game called warmachine.  its pretty fun, the rules are really good, and the game doesn’t require a big financial commitment to start playing like similar style games. aside from the game tho, the pieces are really cool.  they’ve got this whole steampunk aesthetic that […]