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i just watched the season finale on youtube. i f’ing love this cartoon.  its about time we got a well-written transformers cartoon, after years of crappy japanese dubbed series that make absolutely no sense (the new stuff is written in the US).  good stories, loaded with G1 references and easter eggs for the older fans.  […]

thought this was pretty damn cool.  apparently lost scenes from fritz lang’s ‘metropolis’ have been found in argentina. not much to look at these days, but for 1927, it was pretty damn spectacular.  pretty much started the entire science fiction genre.  its moves pretty slow and gets boring at times (its from the silent film […]



we got a dog last weekend. named him coen (like the brothers). he’s a retired racing greyhound, about 3 years old, 70 pounds or so. his name was robert, but most adopted greyhounds don’t know their names anyway. he’s awesome. hes really sweet and very calm. not some crazy-ass mutt that’ll bark his head off […]

So uh…hi.


new blog.  trying this thing out.  i like the idea of doing this, so we’ll see how long it lasts.