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that post i made a few days ago about the anatomically accurate skeletons of cartoon characters?  found the artist’s website with more and better pictures. crazy stuff…

i’m still coming to terms with this.  i feel so strange.  i’ve never been so affected by the death of someone i’ve never met.  feel kinda silly in a way, grieving over a complete stranger’s passing.  its not so surprising tho i guess.  music speaks to all of us.  it defines us, shapes us.  its […]


i don’t know what to say. maybe i’ll be able to write something else later, but right now i just can’t.

i’ve seen this somewhere before, but since i came across it again, i thought i’d post it here.  an artist from south korea and made anitomically accurate skeletons of several classic cartoon characters.  its pretty amazing.



i am continually amazed at everything i see for the upcoming watchmen movie, and these poster comparisons are no exception.  its amazing how faithful snyder is being to the source material.  tho i guess i shouldn’t be surprised, given the amazing job he did on 300.  can’t wait for this one.

joey: 3 me: 2 that is all.

been reading the ‘ender’ series by orson scott card.  my friend joey recommended them to me.  starts with ‘enders game’, and runs through three additional titles.  i’m on xenocide, the third in the series.  really great stuff. very very philosophical, but not too heady that you can’t grasp it.  they’re all been great books, each […]