Stuff about LeRoi…


i’m still coming to terms with this.  i feel so strange.  i’ve never been so affected by the death of someone i’ve never met.  feel kinda silly in a way, grieving over a complete stranger’s passing.  its not so surprising tho i guess.  music speaks to all of us.  it defines us, shapes us.  its where we turn when we’re not sure of our own emotions, when we question ourselves and our surroundings. it helps us deal with anger, frustration, fear, sadness, loneliness.  its the friend thats there when we wanna just want to relax and when we want to tear the walls down.  sometimes, music is the only thing that truely understands what we’re going through.  the words of complete stangers can make them feel like they are our closest companions, our confidants, our brothers.  they know us, they get us, they understand us, better than we understand ourselves.

i was introduced to the music of dave matthews my junior year of high school.  their music has helped shaped who i am ever since.  it has been the soundtrack to some of the most defining moments of my life.

RIP – LeRoi Moore  1961-2008

One Response to “Stuff about LeRoi…”

  1. 1 unarra

    it’s gonna be really weird watching them play with out leroi on wed.

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