Been awhile…


i know its been a while since i’ve posted anything (i know you all have been at the edge of your seats). just been busy i guess. working on the house pretty much non-stop for a couple months. we’ve been refinishing our living room, if anyone cares to know. korey knocked out the tile in our entryway like a champ. work’s been pretty steady, which is good, given the current state of things. we’re actually expanding the office which is kinda hard to believe, also given the current state of things. i hope to have some new work posted in my portfolio pretty soon too, just waiting on some stuff.

otherwise, things have been pretty much the same. katie’s gone for the weekend, up in charlotte. she and her sister are sorting through her mom’s stuff as they prepare to move her into an assisted living facility. for those of you that don’t know, katie’s mom was recently diagnosed with alzheimer’s disease, specifically, early-onset alzheimer’s (shes only 55). given her current state of decline, they’re giving her about 5 years. pretty crazy. its hard to have any real emotion about it, because despite being my mother-in-law, i don’t really know this woman. not to sounds cold or heartless. i mean its sad and it really sucks. but i don’t even have a name for her. i don’t call her anything. not ‘mom’ or ‘nancy’. nothing. its a very long story as to why this is the case, but suffice it to say that she and i don’t have a relationship of any kind. theres no bad blood or anything and we talk when we see each other, but its just the way things are and always have been. i think katie’s fairly numb to it all right now too. she’s about as close to her mom as i am, for the same reasons and then some. that may change over the next few years, but probably not, especially as her mom’s condition worsens. its pretty shitty. you sorta expect once you get married, that you get this whole other family. i always thought that was a pretty cool concept. expect i’ll never have that. her dad’s never been around (hell i met him for the first time on our wedding day), her sister’s a head case with two kids, and now this with her mom. i don’t mean to sound selfish or anything, because this isn’t about me. it just kinda sucks is all. i guess i’m just glad that katie has my family to lean on.

sorry for the long depressing post. i’ll keep it about toys and geeky shit next time.

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