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to all you sorry sacks that read this thing. seriously tho, its been a pretty good year. can’t really complain. got a good job (not without its share of bullshit, but what job doesn’t), made good progress on the house, good health, great family, great friends. just need to drop a bit of weight. but, […]


and deeper in debt, as they say. can’t believe i’m 31 now. 30 went by so fast. oh well. next stop, 40…

been a bit, but i’ve added some work to my portfolio site. i’ve got several more projects to add, but i’m waiting on some things for some, and i’ve gotta get off my ass for some others. anyway, enjoy.

’nuff said.

turns out the avett brothers will be opening up for dave matthews for eight dates during dave’s spring tour. freakin’ awesome. i’ve got to try and get to one of the shows. too bad verizon wireless amphitheater sucks balls. maybe georgia…

joey: 5 me: 4 new pieces made it interesting, especially the new caster. thought i was done for, then ‘ole vlad stepped in. i probably still should’ve lost, given the beat down i received, but i’ll take it.