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if you liked the link below, check out one of my favorite stop motion artists. unbelievably creative. he’s done some great commercial work, but his shorts are where its at. i was fortunate enough to be able to attend a live on-stage interview (james lipton-style) in savannah last year. fun stuff.


check out this awesome music video for oren lavie. love stop motion stuff. i did some when i was in high school. its one of the most time consuming and tedious things on the face of the earth, but its absolutely fantastic when done well, as this is.

thought this was pretty funny. sorta an addition to that post i made awhile back.

bout time too. got one more widowmaker to go before the unit is finished. i’ll post some pics when its finished. still have some modifications to do to the beast too. hope to get those done this weekend.

joey: 6 me: 4 can’t win 2 in a row to save my life. ah well. pretty good game nonetheless. strategy was pretty sound, despite a couple tactical errors (bound to happen till i get comfortable with the new pieces). but, without good dice rolls, you can’t win it. gotta get some painting done too. […]

seems i jumped the gun and posted this stuff a bit too early. sorry folks. it’ll be back once the show airs.



so katie and i decided to add another member to the family this weekend. her name is edie. shes 17 months old and really sweet. we met her last weekend at the greyhound play run. she never raced, though she was in training. she broke her back leg at some point and you can see […]