so katie and i decided to add another member to the family this weekend. her name is edie. shes 17 months old and really sweet. we met her last weekend at the greyhound play run. she never raced, though she was in training. she broke her back leg at some point and you can see where they had to put pins in her leg. she and coen seem to getting along pretty well so far, too, but its still too early to really tell. need to put a few pounds on her, and she’s had an accident in the house already, but its been cool. she has lots of energy, and we’re seeing a playful side of coen that we haven’t seen before.

i did find out something rather ridiculous. there are two local groups that rescue retired greyhounds. when we decided we wanted to adopt one, we did a search and went to the first link that came up, greyhound crossroads. this is where we met and adopted coen. well, when we met edie last weekend, she was being fostered by a volunteer with the other local group, for the hounds. while katie and i were discussing adopting her, i made the comment (in jest of course) that maybe it was bad etiquette to adopt from the other group. of course it wouldn’t be. its all about the dogs and making sure that as many as possible get put into good homes.


little did i know how how right i was. turns out that its actually frowned upon to switch agencies. now, no one has said anything to us, and there’s obviously nothing wrong with what we did. but can you freaking believe it? the idea that someone might actually get offended. WTF!? we just saved another dog, and you’re gonna get an damn attitude over which agency we used. like there’s some sort of loyalty expected. shouldn’t it really be about the dogs? who cares where they come from? they’re both non-profit groups anyway. unbelievable. you can’t even do something good without offending someone. people suck…

One Response to “Edie…”

  1. 1 Jennifer

    Awww … she’s adorable! Now I finally have a niece! Have you told mom and dad yet?

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