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f’n hilarious. also not safe for work, but then, if you’re at work reading this, then you should probably get back to work.

my buddy stephen (or herbster as most call him – never picked up on that myself, not sure why.) got married yesterday. great ceremony and reception. lots of fun, very intimate and laid back. they toasted with cheerwine, how f’n awesome is that? and i mean the real thing, from the glass bottle with real […]



uh, not sure what to make of this. don’t get me wrong. i’m as big a transformer geek as anyone, but i gotta draw the line somewhere. now, the original version of ‘the touch’ wasn’t very good either: i don’t think there was an actual real-life instrument played throughout the entire song. but if you […]

Dorky stuff…


gotten some painting done recently, so i thought i’d post up some photos: katie took the photos for me. pretty happy with the way this came out. many many hours went into this guy, from the custom base all the way through the paint.

Old stuff…


while cleaning out the closet in the studio at home, i came across some cd’s with projects from college. mostly print stuff, some web, but it was the video stuff that really made me want to stop and take a look. its really funny to look back and see how awesome i thought i was. […]