Old stuff…


while cleaning out the closet in the studio at home, i came across some cd’s with projects from college. mostly print stuff, some web, but it was the video stuff that really made me want to stop and take a look. its really funny to look back and see how awesome i thought i was. if you’re really bored, have a peek. as a warning, the compression on all these is horrible. i mean, really really horrible. and if you really want to watch these, be patient. most of them don’t stream.

madama butterfly – my first ever video project. some of you may recognize the star of this one. i even went out and bought an opera cd just for this project. how sad for me. it was all shot in the figure drawing studio in the art building, at about 3 in the morning, and boy does it look it. the clove cigarettes are an especially nice touch.

dragula – purely an exercise in editing. not much more to say about it than that. this one is still somewhat cool for what it is and when it was done.

putty-man vs. darth vader – i love how theres a massive lighting shift in the first few seconds. no idea what happened there. the whole thing only took about 3 hours to shoot, and its still better than episode 2.

the scent of green papaya – this was a recreated title sequence from a god-awful movie i had to watch. ’nuff said.

dreams in digital – senior project. it was supposed to be some deeply profound statement about how quickly we come to depend on new technology and how quickly it shapes our society and culture. instead its a good example on the poor use of stock footage and bad effects.

internship demo – pretty much the same thing as above. just different music.

funny/sad stuff. how’d i ever land a job in this field…

2 Responses to “Old stuff…”

  1. 1 trav

    Ah, I remember most of these, especially Dragula. Man, you beat that song into our heads in Apt. C, but it was/is still a cool video.

  2. 2 Tom

    took a long ass time to do it too…

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