Big Whiskey…


dave’s new album came out this week, and i’m finally getting a chance to listen to it. (just to preface things, i’m by no means a music critic. i used to listen to type o negative for christ’s sake).

still working my way through it, but i’m undecided at this point. its their first release since the death of sax player leroi moore last august (almost a year ago. damn. hard to believe) but the guy’s all over the album. apparently they had recorded a bunch of stuff before his passing and had a huge pro tools folder with all his bits in it. honestly, parts feel overproduced to me. not really digging tim’s electric guitar either. reshawn ross’ trumpet adds a fantastic jazzy crispness tho. maybe he’ll become an official member in the near future.

love the album art. great illustration work. i think dave does a lot of it.

ah well. a band has to grow, especially after something as tragic as the loss of a friend. gotta give it more time. maybe it’ll grow on me…

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