GeekFest 2009…


went to heroes this past weekend. not a bad show i guess. got a couple signatures from eric powell. he does a little mini sketch of the goon as part of his signature. pretty sweet. jeff smith was there too. didn’t bother getting in that line. besides, i didn’t really have anything good for him to sign. its gotten to where getting shit signed really doesn’t matter that much to me. i’ll dig something out of a short box, get it signed, and stuff it right back in the box. this is all after standing in line for a few hours. i’ll never sell it, i’ll never look at it. in fact, i’ll probably eventually forget its there. the only reason i bothered with powell is because the goon is one the best comics i’ve ever read (thank you mister groin), and i was able to walk right up to him without waiting. the thing that struck me the most was how uncrowded it was, even on saturday. another victim of the recession i suppose.

still, a good weekend nonetheless. got to spend time with my buddy stephen and his new and awesome wife rose. mmm. cheerwine bbq. tasty…

2 Responses to “GeekFest 2009…”

  1. 1 trav

    Yep, you’re welcome, I am awesomeness. Wish I could have made it there this year.

    Cheerwine bbq sounds pretty damn good, by the way…

  2. 2 SKH

    Good times- Jeff Smith couldnt have been any cooler- which is exactly the way he was back in 1993 or 1994 when he was here last. Very cool to see so many young kids in his line getting their Scholastic versions of Bone signed.

    And the Cheerwine BBQ tastes even better after sitting in the fridge for 5 days…

    Possibly the emptiest I have ever seen the heroes convention- but I didnt see it Saturday- but Friday and SUnday had about equal crowds…

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