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I Watches…


finally got to see watchmen last night. i know, i know. i’ve totally lost some geek cred by not seeing this in the theater (and just now by using the term ‘geek cred’). i saw the black freighter animated piece and ‘under the hood’ last weekend. not bad. i’ll be interested to see the directors […]


this is a travesty on every level. if you ever doubted that george sold out, this should resolve that for you. and its 12 and a half minutes long, which is about 12 minutes and twenty-five seconds too long. watch if you must, but you have been warned.

Funny Stuff…


when you have about an hour or so to kill, do yourself a favor and read through funy funny shit. they’re like prank calls except via email. ‘camry killer’ and ‘apologetic nationals fan’ are two of my favorites so far.

came across this great blog. it covers all realms of geekdom. this list of faq’s about the new transformers movie is especially funny. go get your dork on.

New Wheels…


finally got myself a bike. been wanting one for awhile. i wrecked my last one when i was in college and haven’t really ridden one since. found this one on craigslist after looking for a few months. most bikes on there are either junk or they’re too small for me. its a pretty nice one, […]

just saw revenge of the fallen. holy f’ing shit. it. was. awesome. i loved the first one, but this is what a live-action transfomer movie is supposed to be: optimus prime kicking ass! he hands out some serious beatings. he’s finally the badass he should be that was sorta missed in the first movie. starscream […]