Giant F*#@ing Robots Kick Ass…


just saw revenge of the fallen.

holy f’ing shit.




i loved the first one, but this is what a live-action transfomer movie is supposed to be: optimus prime kicking ass! he hands out some serious beatings. he’s finally the badass he should be that was sorta missed in the first movie. starscream was dead on too. he was the whiny, groveling back-stabbing, chicken shit that we all grew up with. great stuff. a lot of people were annoyed by the autobot twins, but they didn’t bother me at all. they added some humor to it. they incorporated some of the tf mythology as well (heavily modified for the movie-verse, naturally) which was pretty cool. the only was they can make the third one any bigger in my opinion is to do a unicron story…which would just be insane and the coolest friggin thing ever.

total geekfest…

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