I Watches…


finally got to see watchmen last night. i know, i know. i’ve totally lost some geek cred by not seeing this in the theater (and just now by using the term ‘geek cred’). i saw the black freighter animated piece and ‘under the hood’ last weekend. not bad. i’ll be interested to see the directors cut of the film with this stuff worked it.

i have to say, i really enjoyed it. i grew up in a post-watchmen comic world (i was only 8 when it hit the stands), and so i don’t think the book has as great an impact on me as it might have. its a tough book to get through, one that requires multiple readings to really get whats happening and to pick up on all the subtle references. but the movie does a great job of pulling the meat from the book, and the presentation was great. the cinematography was fantastic, along with the overall look and production design. loved how so many shots were pulled right from the panels. there were a few things that bugged me, primarily the use of ‘watchmen’ as the name for the second group of heroes rather than the ‘crime busters’ (which, admittedly, is pretty silly). i always liked the term watchmen used as more of an implication rather than used so literally. i guess they felt people wouldn’t get the title if it didn’t relate directly somehow. the cg on dr manhattan was pretty stiff at times as well (zing!). seriously tho, most of the time i didn’t buy it. guess its the whole uncanny valley thing.

overall a good flick. the majority of the casting was phenomenal, rorschach and the comedian being the two stand-outs. patrick wilson as dan dreiberg was spot on as well. not sure i would have enjoyed this if i had never read the book. its tough sell to the general public. i mean, who the hell is night owl or the silk spectre? people know batman and superman, even those that have never read a comic in their life. they’re cultural icons. granted they have waaayyy more history behind them than adrian veidt. but people know them and will go see a movie about them. no one knows or gives a shit about the characters from the watchmen, outside the fanboys that know and love it. this was definitely one for the geeks.

and for that, mr. snyder, we thank you.

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