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Sad News…


i just found out that one of my best friend’s father-in-law died yesterday. not sure what else to say, other than i couldn’t imagine a kinder or gentler man to have for a father-in-law, and i’m glad i was able to meet him. and i’m thankful he was able to meet his son-in-law and hold […]


Back In Town…


got back from the beach yesterday afternoon. boy, what a great vacation. very, very relaxing. good friends, good food, good weather. couldn’t have asked for more. i was also convinced that george perez was renting the beach house right behind us. the guy was a dead ringer. had the glasses, shaved head, fu manchu, and […]



off to edisto beach tomorrow morning for a week for a much needed break.

finally got around to updating my website. i was never really happy with the last one. not enough imagery and too many clicks needed to see work. the old-style pop-up thing really bugged me too. this new one is far simpler and makes use of phatfusion’s multibox script. added a few new projects too, along […]



all my friends have lost their fucking minds. ok so not all, but some. i am referring, of course, to having kids. first one of my best friends unarra had his first almost a year ago. then my buddy joey and his wife are due in october. then my other buddy travis is having a […]