Back In Town…


got back from the beach yesterday afternoon. boy, what a great vacation. very, very relaxing. good friends, good food, good weather. couldn’t have asked for more.

i was also convinced that george perez was renting the beach house right behind us. the guy was a dead ringer. had the glasses, shaved head, fu manchu, and the hawaiian shirt. however, after a brief inquiry, this turned out not to be the case:

No, it was definitely not I you saw in SC, this past weekend. I was attending Fetish Con in Tampa. This wouldn’t be the first time someone was mistaken for me. In one case a friend sent a photo of my doppleganger. The resemblance was downright eerie. He even had a Hawaiian style shirt! Even my wife was astounded by the resemblance.

I wonder if he could draw?

Take care,


oh well. woulda been pretty cool. at least i didn’t make an ass of myself.

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