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saw this on topless robot and thought it was pretty funny. still enjoyed the movie, despite the massive plot holes (some of which are eloquently pointed out in this video) and certain charactes not being used to their full potential. anyway, enjoy.

Baby Madness…


two of my very good friends both had their first child yesterday. joey and pam had a baby boy: quinn huntley beason was born via c-section at around 7 pm at a whopping 9lbs 11oz. big little fella! travis and maureen had a baby girl: alice rose hart was born o’natural at 9:22 pm. 5lbs […]


(Not) Pixar…


saw this over at motionographer, and thought it worth sharing. enjoy.

Dewey Beach…


just got from dewey beach in delaware (yes, delaware). we were up there for a greyhound event for katie. went fairly well i think. sold some stuff. the director for the national greyhound rescue bought seven which was pretty awesome, and she got several orders as well. she learned a good bit about how she […]