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saw this over at topless robot and felt i should share. i knew most of you that visit this site would appreciate it.

New Work…


more new work over at code of primus. we did a big green screen shot for this down in atlanta. the final animation came out pretty damn cool. these are just the boards (the second direction is the approved design). joey and i both worked on the production. fun project, and it was a nice […]




saw this last weekend, and since i’m feeling pretty lazy, i’ll just direct you over to this review on topless robot, since it pretty much reflects exactly how i felt about it. go ahead, i’ll wait. done? cool. so yeah, go see it.

Oh Yeah…


and happy day-late new year.

District 9…


watched this last night, and holy shit. this is is one of the most intense movies i have ever seen. i don’t wanna say much about it in case any of you who actually read this thing haven’t seen it, but if you haven’t… GO RENT/BUY/ADD IT TO YOUR QUE NOW. absolutely amazing film, from […]