Warmachine Tournament…


just played in my very first warmachine tournament and goddamn am i exhausted. it takes more energy than one would expect to push little painted pewter dudes around a table for 7 or 8 hours. utterly draining. played 4 games in a row, which is twice the amount i’ve ever played in a single day up to this point (that would be 2 for the mathematically challenged).

went 0-4.

thats right. lost every damn one. in fact, i was the only person that didn’t win at least one game. sucks. oh, well. i had fun. probably didn’t learn anything, but thats ok too. on the upside, i was the only khador player, so i won the prize for being the top player in my faction.

which is sorta like graduating first in your class when you’re home schooled.

One Response to “Warmachine Tournament…”

  1. 1 unarra

    At least you had fun playing. I watched a tournament out here and i had no idea what was going. lol

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