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i ‘ve posted about before, but there’s a new one up that i just had to share. the post is funny in and of itself, but this one really strikes a nerve with me. craigslist has ads like this all the time, and it really pisses me off. i’m not gonna go off on […]


this is awesome. just watch and enjoy.

so, i’m a dork, and i do dorky things, like read comics, collect transformers, and play tabletop war games with little painted pewter dudes. in this case, its the later to which i’m referring. privateer press, the company that created said little pewter dude tabletop war game called warmachine, has a bi-monthly publication called no […]

this is probably the best use of facebook ever. the best part is the guy reached his goal in only 13 days. had i known, i might have even signed up for an account just to friend this dude. maybe. thanks to stephen for sending me this.

another new project at code of primus. meant to post this about a month ago. just slipped my mind i suppose. its funny. i’ve done boards for this job three times, and the first ones are still the only ones to make it past the pitch stage. ah, well. still fun to do, and the […]

there are no words. just watch. via topless robot.



this is potentially good news. lets hope nolan can do for superman what he did for batman, what singer failed to do for superman but did for x-men, and what ratner failed to do for x-men. right? right.

New Work…


got to work on a design for the 25th film independent spirit awards with joey for the gang at charlie co several months back. the design came out awesome, and we had fun doing it. apparently it was very well received by their client. sadly, they ending up changing directions so this is as far […]