Possibly The Dorkiest Thing I’ve Ever Done…


so, i’m a dork, and i do dorky things, like read comics, collect transformers, and play tabletop war games with little painted pewter dudes. in this case, its the later to which i’m referring.

privateer press, the company that created said little pewter dude tabletop war game called warmachine, has a bi-monthly publication called no quarter magazine. every issue, they have a painting challenge with a theme, in which readers submit photos of miniatures they’ve painted that reflect the theme.

now, for those of you still reading this, the painting challenge last month was ‘winter’s chill’. so the idea was to paint a miniature that reflects the cold and freezing conditions of winter. so for the hell of it, i submitted a piece of mine, expecting nothing.

i freaking won.

no shit, i actually won. couldn’t believe it. so aside from getting my name and work printed in a magazine that over a dozen people read, i won $50 to spend in their online store, where i can by more shit to paint.

pretty dang cool.

4 Responses to “Possibly The Dorkiest Thing I’ve Ever Done…”

  1. 1 Quixotic

    Congrats. That’s a really awesome model.

  2. 3 Danny


    OK. I know I don’t really keep up with your blog. But this caught me a little off guard. Didn’t know you were still playing the board / dice / action/ figurine games. But really it is a hell of a paint job.

    Is his name Snowjob? Sorry, had to make one off color remark.


    • 4 Tom

      thanks man. yeah started back up a yeah or so ago. much better game than what we used to play too. great hobby.

      to give you a sense of scale, the model is roughly 3 and a half inches tall to the top of the banners.

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