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yeah, i know its my wedding anniversary and all that, but i’ve got bigger news: FRANK WELKER HAS JOINED THE CAST OF TRANSFORMERS: PRIME!!!!!!!!!!! sweet evil flying jebus. there are now two less reasons for me to be concerned about the nature of the new show. hell, the robot designs could look like robo mutant […]

so we all know that hasbro has a joint venture with discovery networks called the hub, due to hit the airwaves this october. many of us also know that there is a new transformers cartoon set to air on the hub called transformers:prime. some of may have even seen the image of bumblebee that will […]

whats with all the friggin death around here lately? getting old sucks ass. Ronnie James Dio Dead at 67 was never a big fan of his music, but its impossible to overlook his contributions to the genre. he always seemed like one of the nicest and approachable guys in heavy metal. Ronnie James Dio 1942-2010

New Wheels…


finally broke down and did it. got a new car. well, used i guess. new to me at least. you get the idea. anyway, there she is. 2008 xterra. the accord was 14 years old, and i’d had it for 10. it was time. we really needed something bigger for the dogs too. they get […]

65. wow. hard to believe. you don’t look a day over 64. i know you’ll never read this, although you have gotten more internet savy in your old age. yes, you’ve come quite a long ways from calling our first computer the demon screen. anyway, just want you to know that you have been the […]



posted awhile back about this project. well, finally got the animation posted at skyline’s website. actually, its been posted for a few months, my lazy ass is just now getting around to posting it here. anyway, just click the quicktime link at the bottom. also, be sure to check out the boards. slightly different from […]

but at least no one else died. posted a couple new projects at code of primus. the latest, worst case scenario, actually got produced, which is pretty cool. should be airing on history channel soon. the ditech stuff was for a national spot, which is also pretty cool. this design was chosen initially, but the […]

crap in a hat. the world lost one of the greatest fantasy illustrators of all time today: frank frazetta died this morning (via cbr). crap in a freaking hat. sorry. little short on words today. two posts in a row about somebody dying will do that to you. i’ll try to make the next one […]

Holy Shit…


why the hell am i just finding out about this!? what the hell man? i admit, i haven’t really listened to type o negative in several years, but i’ll never forget the day i discovered october rust. i sat on the floor of my bedroom in my college apartment and listened to it twice from […]