Holy Shit…


why the hell am i just finding out about this!?

what the hell man? i admit, i haven’t really listened to type o negative in several years, but i’ll never forget the day i discovered october rust. i sat on the floor of my bedroom in my college apartment and listened to it twice from beginning to end without getting up. it was like nothing else i’d ever heard. apparently he was back to writing music again after successfully getting sober again.

well damn.

not sure what else to say about it, other than this sucks.

Peter Steele

2 Responses to “Holy Shit…”

  1. 1 trav

    Yeah man, it sucks. I read about it the day of, thought it was a prank, since he’s done this sort of thing before, but apparently not. It’s a shame – he was one of the most unique metal musicians out there, with the distinct voice, guitar sound, and sense of humor.

  2. 2 Jeff

    Just heard an interview on the radio with him. It was earlier in the year tho. Peter Steele and Frank in the same month? Who’s next? Tim Burton?

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