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65. wow. hard to believe. you don’t look a day over 64. i know you’ll never read this, although you have gotten more internet savy in your old age. yes, you’ve come quite a long ways from calling our first computer the demon screen. anyway, just want you to know that you have been the […]



posted awhile back about this project. well, finally got the animation posted at skyline’s website. actually, its been posted for a few months, my lazy ass is just now getting around to posting it here. anyway, just click the quicktime link at the bottom. also, be sure to check out the boards. slightly different from […]

but at least no one else died. posted a couple new projects at code of primus. the latest, worst case scenario, actually got produced, which is pretty cool. should be airing on history channel soon. the ditech stuff was for a national spot, which is also pretty cool. this design was chosen initially, but the […]