Pretty Big News…


its been quite awhile since my last post, so it seems fitting that this post should contain a fairly significant piece of news. no, we’re not having a baby. screw that.

i’ve received a freelance opportunity in italy. milan to be specific.

for two months.

no i’m not kidding.

a buddy of mine nate, has been working there for about a month or so with a studio called angelsign studio. he’s putting a team together to work on some stuff, and asked me to join. so i’m leaving in a week to go live in italy for two months.

no, i’m still not kidding.

can’t say what the project is at the moment, but you can be sure its gonna be awesome, especially with nate at the helm. i’m really f’n excited. i’m really nervous, but really excited. i’ve never left the country before, so this will be quite an experience. i’m taking a leave of absence from work to do this, and luckily my boss was totally cool with it. he recognizes how huge of an opportunity it is, and, for better or worse, we’re not very busy right now, so its come at a good time.

this is one of the biggest things i’ve ever done (besides getting married and moving to california). the only downside to all this is that katie won’t be able to come. not for the whole time at least. she’s gonna fly over once the project is complete for a week or so so we can travel a bit, but otherwise i’m on my own. i’m really really going to miss her, so i’m trying not to think about it. i have to keep reminding myself that this isn’t a permanent arrangement. greenville is still home and i’m coming back. its very surreal.

i’ll be posting updates and photos here as often as i can, so keep checking back. i have intentions of calling all you friends and family i haven’t spoken to yet personally to let you know, but i have a ton of crap to do, so my most sincere apologies if i don’t get to it.

anyway, wish me luck folks.


One Response to “Pretty Big News…”

  1. 1 trav

    Congrats, have fun, and go see all the great art out there. And to help you on your way, and give you a little Italian lesson, please watch the following video –

    Don’t forget to grow the mustache before you go.

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