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spent the day wandering around today since the weather was fairly nice, so thought i’d post some photos. this is a church i came across. there are lots of these here. shot of the duomo. it was a beautiful day and i couldn’t resist. still haven’t been inside yet, and i just found out that […]




so me and a couple of the guys from work decided it was time to take a little a trip and get out of the city for the weekend. after tossing around some ideas, we decided on lugano, switzerland. its a small in southern switzerland, only about an hour away by train. because its just […]

since my last several posts have shown the places and things i’ve seen on the weekends, i thought i’d use this one to show where i spend most of the rest of the week, angelsign studio. this is blend tower. the studio is on the 6th floor. the building is fairly newly renovated, although there […]

The Goon…


this is inexplicably awesome. i cannot wait to hear paul giamatti scream ‘KNIFE TO THE EYE!!‘

finally got around to buying some groceries this weekend. been eating out pretty much every night since i got here and it was getting expensive. theres a small market around the corner from me that has some stuff, so i picked up some pasta and sauce, along with some eggs and bacon, which is not […]



played tourist yesterday. decided to brave the 90+ heat and wander a bit and take some photos. i headed in the general direction of the castello sforzesco, which is this huge castle near the duomo. apparently it was once the residence of the ruling family in milan. now it houses a museum with aseemingly random […]

just had my first espresso. i think i may convert.

started out my day sunday wandering around my new neighborhood a bit. got some mango gelatto. mmmm. mango… i also discovered theres a comic book store TWO DOORS DOWN FROM ME. i haven’t been in yet, but i can’t wait. i’m such a dork. heres a shot of my building. i’m on the second floor. […]



after a bit of a rough start (lost luggage, driver couldn’t find my apartment, no internet, no lights, no phone, no motor cars) i finally made it here and things are going pretty well. i have internet at home now, so hopefully i’ll be able to update this more frequently. the guys i work with […]