after a bit of a rough start (lost luggage, driver couldn’t find my apartment, no internet, no lights, no phone, no motor cars) i finally made it here and things are going pretty well. i have internet at home now, so hopefully i’ll be able to update this more frequently.

the guys i work with are all really cool and super talented. i’m probably the least cool and least talented of the bunch. well, certainly the least cool. that much i’m sure of. anyway, the studio owners are really nice, and the studio itself is pretty nice too. its on the 6th floor of an office building near milan’s central train station.

Ripa di Porta Ticinese

thats my street there, right in front of my apartment building. my apartment is nice. hardwood and tile floors with 15 foot ceilings and exposed brick. they blocked off the street last night and had a bunch of bands playing and people walking around. air conditioned too, thank god. so friggin hot. if you’re outside, you sweat. period.

getting to work is a breeze, as long as theres no metro strike (which there was my second day). then you gotta take a taxi, which can get pricey, and can be more than a little scary. crazy drivers in this town.

all in all, its been kinda tough, being so far away from home, not knowing your way around and not speaking the language. but its improving quickly. the guys are cool and we’re having a good time hanging out. food has been fantastic, save for a pretty dicey gyro-thing my first night. things will only get better as i get situated and become more familiar.

i have a new respect for people that visit the states from other countries. its a weird feeling being the outsider.

2 Responses to “Ciao!”

  1. Yo! Nice blog buddy.
    its a shame i won’t get to work longer with you man. You looks pretty easy going and talented! lets keep in touch for sure, plus we have the world cup final tomorrow. You will enjoy the heat of soccer fans from all around the world for sure! See you tomorrow!

    • 2 Tom

      thanks bro. i know, it sucks you’re leaving and i’m just getting here. ah well. hopefully we’ll get a chance to work together again.


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