Sunday in Milano…


started out my day sunday wandering around my new neighborhood a bit. got some mango gelatto.

mmmm. mango…

i also discovered theres a comic book store TWO DOORS DOWN FROM ME. i haven’t been in yet, but i can’t wait. i’m such a dork.

Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 55

heres a shot of my building. i’m on the second floor. my apartment is on the back side facing the courtyard, so i don’t hear any street noise.

Ripa di Porta Ticinese

heres another shot of my street from one of the bridges that cross it. my building is waaaaay down on the left.

later on i met up with the guys from work and watched the world cup final. now i know next to nothing about sports in general, and i know even less about soccer, or football i should say (when in milan…), but i had a friggin blast. you can’t pass up an opportunity to watch the world cup when you’re in europe. the only thing that would have been better was if italy had been in it. it’d have been f’n nuts then.

anyhow, we started out at an english pub that serves no traditional english pub food. no fish and chips, no shepherds pie, no bangers and mash (which, granted is more irish). really good food nonetheless. got a pizza with sausage and white beans (awesome). no ac tho. it was actually cooler in the alley than it was inside, so since we were close by, we headed up the duomo. unbelievable place. they had a giant screen with the game on and hundreds of people were standing out in the square watching it.

World Cup at the Duomo

this photo doesn’t do it justice. this place is huge. late in the game a thunderstorm rolled in, and after some of the most spectacular and constant lightning i’ve ever seen, the sky opened up during one of the overtime periods and began to pour. everyone got soaked.

it was awesome.

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