Adventures In Grocery Shopping…


finally got around to buying some groceries this weekend. been eating out pretty much every night since i got here and it was getting expensive. theres a small market around the corner from me that has some stuff, so i picked up some pasta and sauce, along with some eggs and bacon, which is not like bacon in the states. its basically thinly sliced prosciutto, which is tasty, but quite salty.

so that was yesterday, before my self-guided tour. while i was walking, i passed by a pam, which is one of the grocery store chains here. fairly small, but nice. it was right near a metro stop, so i decided to test my luck that it would be open today. business hours are iffy here, and you never what will be open when (for example, the cell phone store near the office is only open from 10-2, and you can forget trying to find somewhere to eat between the hours of 2 and 4).

anyway, i took a chance and they were open. i grabbed a basket on the way in, of which i had several options. they were all larger than what you fins at a typical american grocery store, even to the point of some having wheels. you have to pay to use a shopping cart, which luckily i had read beforehand. you have to weigh and tag your own produce, so i skipped that for now. picked up some more pasta and sauce. waaaay cheaper that the place around the corner. like half as much. pay for convenience i guess, although it probably evens out somehow when you factor in the two euros it costs rounds trip. wine was cheap too. like 3 euros for a bottle. might be shit for all i know, since i can’t read the label. i just know its a chianti. they had frosted flakes. they’re called frosties here. they have rice krispies too, but they’re just called rice krispies. it was interesting to see the number of american brands available.

had to pay for a grocery bag. not a nice reusable one either. 5 cents for a regular old plastic bag. luckily i only needed one. bit larger than at home, and somewhat sturdier, so i’ll be reusing it.

so thats that. guess i’ve officially settled in. it’ll be two weeks this tuesday. one-fourth of the way through. i know i keep saying it, but i feel like i’ve been here a really long time. i imagine it’ll start to pick up once we really get cranking at work, which should be this week.

guess thats it for now. been taking it easy all day, no reason to stop now.

2 Responses to “Adventures In Grocery Shopping…”

  1. while you were doing this – I saw Ratchet and have photos- Bumblebee was hiding under a car cover- didnt see Prime- but I saw real live Autobots!

    • 2 Tom

      thats awesome. prime gets a trailer in this one apparently.

      you should totally buy that website too.

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