so me and a couple of the guys from work decided it was time to take a little a trip and get out of the city for the weekend. after tossing around some ideas, we decided on lugano, switzerland. its a small in southern switzerland, only about an hour away by train. because its just across the border, culturally its very much like italy. italian is the most common language, and the food is also very much northern italian cuisine. it is one of the most beautiful places i’ve ever been.

Lugano, Switzerland

the above photo was more or less the first thing i saw when i got off the train, and it only got better.

Lake Lugano, Switzerland


saturday we took a tram up to the top of monte san salvatore, one of the mountains that sits right on the shores of the lake. the view was spectacular. there was a small church at the top, and you could take the stairs to the roof for an even better view.

View from the church roof, Monte San Salvatore, Switzerland

Dam of Melide, Lake Lugano, Switzerland

Lake Lugano, Switzerland

the weather was gorgeous, so we opted to take the trail back down. that evening we went out to eat and just strolled around the city. there happened to be a street festival going on that we didn’t know about. there were bands, artists and street performers of all kinds. we even stumbled across a fashion show that was going on in one of the squares.

Giant chess board, Lugano, Switzerland

they had these giant chess boards in one of the squares that anybody could play. very cool.

sunday we did the same thing but up the summit of monte brè instead. from here we got a fantastic view of the alps.

View of the Alps, Monte Brè, Switzerland

so beautiful this place. we may go back, just for the day when the new guys get here. i’m certainly planing on taking katie when she comes. the air was clear and clean and the city was spotless.

i should mention at this point that i almost didn’t go. not because i had decided not to. i had bought my train ticket and everything. the train was scheduled to leave at 9:10am. i packed my stuff that morning and met aaron at the station around 8:30. i’m feeling good and i’m looking forward to getting out of the city. we talk for a bit, then i call daniel around 8:45 to make sure hes on his way.

it is at this point that i realize i don’t have my passport.

this is obviously a problem, as we are leaving the country. so run to get a cab, give the driver my address and tell him to fucking step on it. it takes 15 minutes to get to my apartment.

the train leaves in 10 minutes.

i am screwed.

i call the guys to let them know theres no way i can make it back in time and to go on without me. i go up to my apartment and throw my keys across the room, using the most colorful language that comes to mind. i’m in the process of making breakfast when the guys call and reminds me that theres another train that leaves in a couple hours, and that i should get a ticket for that one and they’d just meet up with me once i got there. i was pissed about buying another ticket having wasted money on the first one, but my return ticket was still good, so i decided to do it.

was it ever worth it.

EDIT: one other thing i forgot to mention about our trip. apparently lugano is well known for its brothels, due to prostitution being legal in switzerland. now we didn’t know this when we went there, obviously, nor was there anything there that would have lead us to this conclusion.

but when we got back and told people where we’d been, we sure got some strange looks.

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