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Last Day…


well, it has arrived. my last official day of work at angelsign studio. spending the day getting things organized and backed up. aaron and i are taking copies of the project files home with us in case there are any changes needed once we’re gone. makes sense, since we know the project better than anyone. […]



went to a hookah bar last night with the guys. sat right here as a matter of fact. never been to one, but i’ve always been interested. tried a couple different flavored shishas. very cool experience. very relaxing too.

wow. three in a row. updating fool. worked with joey on this again this year, along with farm hand studios. we ended up pitching two designs this year, and the coolest part is that one of our designs won the pitch! should be airing pretty soon, if its not already. not being in the states […]

posted another set of boards, done through farmer brown. the concept is based on a venn diagram. enjoy.

worked on this with joey a couple months back. toil is a new animation studio up in boston. they wanted some designs for logo id’s for their reel. they would be handling the production. what this meant was we could basically do whatever the hell we wanted. ah, such freedom. they were super awesome to […]

wow. had a crazy weekend last weekend. started out friday night by going to a whiskey bar aaron found as sort of a surprise to me for my last week here. i’d been yammering on about bourbon for several weeks so he found this place that happened to be really close to my apartment. very […]

One Week…


after a busy weekend (which i’ll be posting about soon), i’m down to my last week of work here in milan. really looking forward to katie getting here, seeing the sights with her, then heading home. 2 months is a long damn time.