went to rome a few weeks ago. it was felipe’s last weekend in milan and he hadn’t gotten a chance to see rome yet, so aaron and i went down with him for the day. we took the high-speed train down and got there in just under three hours. not bad. also, let me preface this post by saying that while i took lots of photos, there are very few good ones. this is simply due to the fact that the scale of everything in rome is completely off the charts, and my little point and shoot just didn’t have a wide enough angle. look forward to getting better pics when kaite gets here with her camera.

went to the colosseum first.

Colosseum, Roma

an utterly immense structure, despite the fact that most of the outer wall is now gone.

Colosseum Interior

Hypogeum, Colosseum, Roma

this is a shot looking down into the hypogeum, the area underneath the arena floor that would’ve held animals, prisoners and gladiators waiting for contests to begin. in the background you can see the height of the original floor.

oh, and this is felipe outside the colosseum in his fuckbook t shirt.

Bad Job, Felipe

heh. he ended up buying another shirt so that they’d let him into st. peters.

from here we walked in the general direction of the vatican. on the way, we stopped by the monumento nazionale a vittorio emanuele II, a structure built to honor the first king of a united italy. no good pictures of it at the moment. you’ll have to make due with wikipedia or google for now. it is staggeringly huge. apparently even the locals hate it because its so big, and its bright white, unlike the surrounding structures.

we also stopped by the pantheon. same thing, no pictures. it was far to big to capture with my camera, and the square was too small for me to be able to get back far enough to get it all in the frame. amazing nonetheless.

St. Peter's Square, Vatican City

finally arrived at the vatican and once again, no good photos. this one doesn’t even come close to giving a proper sense of scale. we went into the basilica, but it was too dark for any good pictures. flash does nothing in a space that size. it was beautiful tho. even inch of every surface was ornately and intricately detailed.

the last thing we planned on doing was the sistine chapel, but it was closed by the time we got there. sorry felipe.

it was a bit hectic, but it was an awesome trip. the train ride back was five hours instead of three. i think the train made more stops. we passed the time by sleeping and drinking wine and free champagne. can’t wait to take katie here.

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