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aaron sent this to me today and i had to post it. “Gettin’ Money With a Mouse and a Wacom Pen” completely dorky and only funny to a select few. sadly, i am one of those few.

i don’t know many of you have seen this video, but it bears watching multiple times: i almost pissed my pants the first time i saw it. its amazing she didn’t break every bone in her face. it looks like her head explodes.

so i got off my ass finally this afternoon and got to going some stuff. went grocery shopping and got katie’s new displays made. also, i discovered that digging out a stump from an old holly bush is no f’n joke. i think its the most difficult thing i’ve ever voluntarily done.


Lazy Sunday…


feeling pretty lazy today. got plenty of stuff to do too. katie needs some new displays for her show coming up this weekend. got stumps that need to be dug out so we can start replanting in our backyard. got some freelance to work on, and i’d like to do some painting today if possible. […]

i got contacted a several weeks ago by a guy from an online art and design magazine called default magazine. apparently he had seen my work and wanted to feature it in the next issue. he wanted images of some of my work and a short bio. naturally i was skeptical, thinking he might be […]



in addition to the piece below, i also got to work on some boards for a few days for sky tg24, the largest news network in italy. had fun doing these. i generally prefer doing design over production anyway. i hope to get to do more with angelsign in the future. big thanks to those […]

Sky Calcio…


guess its about time i actually showed what i spent two months in italy working on, so here it is: not bad. now, you might be wondering why i’ve posted it here and not on code of primus. the answer is simply that aaron truly did the heavy lifting on this job. without him, this […]



i am home. after two months of stay and over 15 hours of traveling yesterday, katie and i returned home safely last night around 6pm. i’ll be posting more in the next few days, but suffice it to say, i am quite happy to back in the states. it was an incredible experience, one i’ll […]