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i got contacted a several weeks ago by a guy from an online art and design magazine called default magazine. apparently he had seen my work and wanted to feature it in the next issue. he wanted images of some of my work and a short bio. naturally i was skeptical, thinking he might be trying to pass off my work as his own or something. after giving it some thought, however, i decided what the hell. got nothing to lose. it didn’t cost anything. if the guy really wanted to do that or something like it, he could easily just grab the images right from my site without asking in the first place. besides, psyop had been featured in the previous issue, so that gave it some credibility.

anyway, the issue is out (issue 4), and i’m in it. kinda cool i guess. who knows. maybe something will come of it.

oh, and i had NOTHING to do with the design of the bio page in my feature. i didn’t realize they needed one, or i’d have provided it, as i did all the layouts for each spread.

2 Responses to “Default Magazine…”

  1. Nice spread dude 🙂 keep up the good work!…take care my friend.

    • thanks danilo! good to hear from you. hope you guys are doing well. let me know if you ever need anything.

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