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well, this is it. tomorrow is the first official day of my joint business venture with joey. we’ve been planning this for awhile, just didn’t expect it to happen right now. luckily, we were pretty far along in the planning/execution stages. we have a small room we rent in an office downtown that we’ve been […]


so, uh… yeah.

it finally happened. i got let go yesterday. i knew it was coming, for someone at least. skyline hasn’t been busy since at least april this year, and you can’t keep paying people if theres no work for them to do. i honestly expected to come back from italy without a job to return to, […]

so i woke up thursday morning to sound of someone politely beating on our front door. low and behold, it was none other than greenville’s finest. they merely wanted to let me know that my 1996 honda accord, which was parked in front of our house, had been shot. you read that correctly. shot. 4 […]