The Writing On The Wall…


it finally happened.

i got let go yesterday. i knew it was coming, for someone at least. skyline hasn’t been busy since at least april this year, and you can’t keep paying people if theres no work for them to do. i honestly expected to come back from italy without a job to return to, so i’m surprised it lasted this long.

four years i was there, almost to the day. tied for the longest i’ve ever worked anywhere. it was such a great place when i started, and when joey came on board it got even better. but, as things do, it or i began to change, and over the last year or so the focus started to shift towards the great agency experiment and away from design and animation. the good news is is that joey, being the good friend, stand up fellow and all around swell guy that he is, left with me, and we’re looking forward to the what the future holds in store for us (more on that as it develops).

its all very scary, but extremely exciting as well. i’m oddly not panicking like i thought i would be. maybe its because i saw it coming, or maybe its because there were other things in the works anyway, and this merely caused a bumping up of the timeline. in any case, i’m cautiously optimistic.

which, for me, is saying something.

3 Responses to “The Writing On The Wall…”

  1. Dude, that sucks ass. You should be fine though, you do some good stuff. If I picked the right lotto numbers for the week, I’ll be sure to share.

    • thanks man. like i said, we’re optimistic. the same day we got about 3 calls for work, and december is filling up fast. hopefully we can maintain it.

  2. 3 Jenn

    Holy crap … I haven’t breathed a word to anyone. Let me know if you need any free editorial help.

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