Tom Williams: The Adventure Begins…


well, this is it. tomorrow is the first official day of my joint business venture with joey. we’ve been planning this for awhile, just didn’t expect it to happen right now. luckily, we were pretty far along in the planning/execution stages. we have a small room we rent in an office downtown that we’ve been coming to at night after work and on weekends to do our freelance. it’ll be weird coming here in the morning instead. pretty tight, just a couple desks and a storage cabinet. not room for much else. but hey, you gotta start somewhere. the name has been decided on as well, but more on that once we get our web presence and other details worked out.

things are looking good work wise as well. we’ve got several projects in progress and several more in the que, so we’re feeling ok at the moment.

stay tuned…

One Response to “Tom Williams: The Adventure Begins…”

  1. Awesome. Let me know if you need any drawings of skulls with tentacles flowing out of the eye sockets.

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