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a few are funny, some are strange, most are downright freaky. muppets with people eyes. consider yourself warned. via topless robot.



not too much else to say. just taking the day off to celebrate being yet another year older, grumpier, and clumsier.

i mean all the way through. like through to the backside of your fingernail. i don’t recommend it.

its snowing in greenville today. first time its snowed here on christmas in 40 something years apparently. hope its a good one folks.

finally got a chance to watch the five part premiere yesterday. i must say i rather enjoyed it. i was really excited when i heard that both peter cullen and frank welker would be reprising the roles that they defined and subsequently defined most of my childhood. i did start to get a bit skeptical […]


i know several of you are aqua teen hunger force fans, so this is probably nothing new for you. i’ve only ever seen a handful of episodes, but fortunately its enough for me to get quite a bit of enjoyment out of this: and this: hopefully you’ll get laugh even if you’ve never heard of […]

got an email from my former boss yesterday. or i should say, from his lawyer. thats right. a cease and desist letter requesting the removal of all of the work that both joey and i did while employed at skyline from our respective portfolio websites. now i know we have the right to showcase any […]