Welcome To The Business World…


got an email from my former boss yesterday. or i should say, from his lawyer.

Merry Christmas!

thats right. a cease and desist letter requesting the removal of all of the work that both joey and i did while employed at skyline from our respective portfolio websites. now i know we have the right to showcase any and all work for self-promotional purposes under standard copyright law, and as such, as far as i know, there would be nothing he could do if we really wanted to be stubborn about it (any lawyers out there feel free to comment). we never signed any type of contract or nda or anything with skyline that would prevent it, and despite what the letter says, we were indeed given permission to show the work on our sites, and he was well aware of it having been posted there. everything was verbal though, so theres no record of it one way or the other. but, to be perfectly honest, we are so tired of dealing with all of it and really just want to move on, that we decided to comply without any fuss.

the truth of the matter is that it doesn’t matter too much because shortly after the first of the year, those sites will redirect to our new company site when its up and running, and we wouldn’t feel right about showcasing that work there anyway.

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