Transformers: Prime…


finally got a chance to watch the five part premiere yesterday. i must say i rather enjoyed it. i was really excited when i heard that both peter cullen and frank welker would be reprising the roles that they defined and subsequently defined most of my childhood. i did start to get a bit skeptical when the character designs started showing up.

they’re very movie inspired, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, i was just concerned about the quality of cg that could be pulled off on designs like that on a kids television show budget.

honestly the show was pretty cool. big story line to pull off in only five episodes, but i think they accomplished it pretty well (who doesn’t like robot zombies fueled by the blood of unicron?). the writing was decent, and the animation on the bots was pretty good. the backgrounds were pretty sparse and minimal, honestly not much better than beast wars from 15 years ago, and the human characters had less expression and emotion than the robots. i will say that cullen’s performance on the show far surpassed that of his on the movies in my opinion, and though welker didn’t do a straight G1 megatron, it was quite menacing, and proof that he could have easily done an outstanding job on the bay films.

is a tough act to follow, especially for G1 fans, but if they can maintain this level of writing and performances from the actors, with generous amounts of G1 references, then it could be at least a reasonable follow up. i doubt the toys will be as good. the animated line was one of the best regular lines to wear the transformers brand in recent years, with designs that perfectly matched that of the ones on the show, no doubt a difficult challenged given their level of stylization.

can’t have it all i guess.

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