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this sucks. i haven’t read wizard in a really long time, but i’ve been a toyfare subscriber for the last five years, and an avid reader for over 10, almost since the beginning. hell, i remember when toyfare was just a monthly feature in wizard. i guess i shouldn’t be surprised. the magazine hadn’t been […]


we nerds fear change. you see, we live in very fragile little worlds where the nuances of minutia are discussed and debated with unrivaled and inconceivable passion and fervor that could be easily qualified as religious. who shot first; kirk or picard; focus vs fury; g1 vs beast wars. our knowledge of and devotion to […]

so its a week later and theres still fucking snow and ice everywhere. granted it was pretty those first couple days, and getting a break from work was nice as well. however, now its just annoying. people are driving on dry roads like they’re still frozen, and the dogs refuse to step foot in it […]

Snowed In…


got about 8 inches of snow last night. just staying inside, doing some research and keeping warm.

angelsign studio, the place i worked while i was italy, has been featured on motionographer. for those that don’t know, which is probably most of you, motionographer is a blog dedicated to all things motion design, and is one of the premier sites on the web for the industry. big props to those guys for […]

funny how much things change in a year. which is not to say that that post up there still doesn’t hold true. its just funny to think back about all that’s happened. spent two months in italy, did more freelance than i ever have, lost my job, started my own company with two people i […]