Changing Of The Guard…


we nerds fear change.

you see, we live in very fragile little worlds where the nuances of minutia are discussed and debated with unrivaled and inconceivable passion and fervor that could be easily qualified as religious. who shot first; kirk or picard; focus vs fury; g1 vs beast wars. our knowledge of and devotion to the inconsequential knows no bounds. it comes with little surprise then, that the slightest change or alteration to that which we hold to mind-bogglingly high standards, results in despair that is nothing short of earth-shattering. DOOM, i say, DOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!

i bring all this up because i recently learned that borderlands, my local temple to all things dork, has been sold. my first thoughts were of stan’s health, which quickly devolved into baseless fear and worry over what would become of this most sacred place. thankfully, my worries were put at ease when i stopped by the store to meet the new owner, and was relieved to see his level of excitement and enthusiasm with all that he has planned. borderlands could be entering its golden age.

oh, and stan’s fine for those of you that were concerned.

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