this sucks.

i haven’t read wizard in a really long time, but i’ve been a toyfare subscriber for the last five years, and an avid reader for over 10, almost since the beginning. hell, i remember when toyfare was just a monthly feature in wizard.

i guess i shouldn’t be surprised. the magazine hadn’t been at its best in over a year or so, in my opinion at least. seemed like every month it was getting a little bit thinner. i swear the last issue wasn’t even 100 pages. still, twisted toyfare theater was always worth reading, and while the news was generally anything but, what with the interwebs and all, the interviews with manufacturers and sculptors were usually pretty cool.

i guess more than anything i’m lamenting the passing of a nerd era. it was a staple of mine for over 15 years.

maybe i just feeling my age.


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