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i got an iphone. ordered it this morning. been wanting one for awhile, but had no desire to switch cell phone carriers (verizon seems to suck the least), and i’m not a real gadget nerd anyway. i don’t have to have the latest and greatest. but my current cell phone is gradually becoming a piece […]


maybe some of you already know about this place, but i sure as hell didn’t, and now i’m a better person for it. uncrate has links to some of the coolest, and generally unaffordable, shit for sale you will ever see anywhere, from cars to clothes to gadgets to books to food. make sure you […]

things are starting to look up a bit. katie finally got a job. after many interviews and several rejections, she landed a job right here in greenville at erwin-penland. its entry level which means she’s vastly over qualified) and its mid-shift (which means her hours are 12-8pm) but we’re both very excited and relieved. taking […]

i know i’ve been hinting at it for several weeks in various posts, but i wanted to wait until things were a bit more presentable. so without further ado, i give you…   we’ve have the name for a few months, but the company only became official at the first of the year, and we’ve […]