We’re Not Out Of The Woods Yet, But…


things are starting to look up a bit.

katie finally got a job. after many interviews and several rejections, she landed a job right here in greenville at erwin-penland. its entry level which means she’s vastly over qualified) and its mid-shift (which means her hours are 12-8pm) but we’re both very excited and relieved. taking on the extra financial burden of some of her mother’s care was crippling, and this job will cover it plus leave a bit extra over for other bills. this family really needed this, and we are both extremely grateful shes gotten it. she starts today by having to go in around 8:30 this morning for a weekly staff meeting in which they introduce all the new team members. hopefully she gets to come home after that.

the new schedule is going to take some getting used to. we’ll have to split dog walking duty between the two of us, and dinner may become a thing of the past, at least as we know it. that, or i’m gonna have to start cooking more. the dogs are gonna be a handful for a while too i imagine. they’re used to someone being here all day. if i end up needing to work late, i’ll have to come home, walk and feed them, then head back.

whatever, we’ll make it work.

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