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if you are at all a metallica fan (or even if you’re not, i don’t care), go here and listen to this. right. now. truly haunting. its performed by a belgian girls choir. they do other covers as well (along with plenty of original stuff), including engel by rammstein, which i’m trying to find, and […]


Working Hard…


on a shoot all day today. our real work starts tomorrow.



this is some wicked cool shit. this guy takes every frame of a movie and compresses them all down to a single image (thats pan’s labyrinth up there). it gets even more interesting when you start seeing how certain films have a very defined color palette that you may not have realized while viewing like […]

What The…


would somebody please tell me how the fuck this guy is still working? via robot 6.



got back from jekyll island last night.  katie had a show down there.  we went a couple years ago, just to check it out. this was her first year actually vending there.  all in all it was a decent event.  very well organized, especially compared to the others we’ve been to.  its also invitation only, […]