Faster Than A Speeding Bullet…


got back from the bustling southern metropolis of conyers, ga yesterday. katie had an event down there, just a one day thing. weather was beautiful despite being windy as hell. supposedly we had gusts up to around 35 mph. it was all we could do to keep everything from blowing away. it was a really successful show for katie, probably her best yet.

so that is great and cool and all that. however, the real highlight (for me at least) came later in the afternoon. the event took place at the centennial horse something-or-other, which i assume was built for the atlanta olympics. the fact that the address is 1996 centennial olympic parkway was a good clue. anyway, the place is huge, and as such, there are dozens of arenas used for different horse related activities. well, they had one set aside where you could register to take your dog to run, one at a time, and have them clocked with a radar gun. now we’ve always felt like edie was especially fast, and if she hadn’t broken her leg and been unable to race, she’d have made someone a lot of money. so when we heard they were doing this, we promptly signed her up for two runs.

the arena itself was completely enclosed and they had loosened up about a 100 yard long strip of the dirt track for the dogs to run on. so you stand on one end with your dog and the guy is on the other end with the radar gun, along with a couple other people waving lures and using squawkers to get the dog’s attention. when the dog gets to other end they get hold of them for you and a golf carts picks you up and takes you down to pick up your pup.

so edie and i waited in the shade for our first turn, watching others go and a a few decide about halfway through they were done and would rather have their owners chase them around. when it was our turn we got up there and waited for the signal. i turned her loose, and with a bit of encouragement, she took off.

37 mph. not bad, but not awesome by greyhound standards. undeterred, we went back to the shade and waited for our next turn. by this time, having done it and watched others do it, edie had figured out was was going on. we went up for our second go, and far more excited but still needing a bit of reassurance, she took off again.

44 mph.

holy shit. and for a dog that’s never raced. the crazy thing is, i think she’s actually faster than that. she barely seemed winded, like she was just hitting her stride. i’m thinking next year we sign her up for a third go.

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