i know that at least some of you that read this utter waste of internet space read comics. most of you that do know that i do as well, and that i typically – ok, never – get into the traditional superhero stuff. just not my thing. yeah, i read the occasional batman trade or what have you, but i don’t have the energy or patience to devote to getting into a million years of back story and convoluted character history.

so i’m asking you fellow comic nerds for some recommendations. i’ve considered preacher, as well as transmetropolitan and the authority. i’m not opposed to something thats ongoing either. i do read the goon whenever eric powell decides to get off his hillbilly ass and put out an issue. my problem is i’m horribly picky. i’m easily as picky about my comics as i am about my heavy metal (mr. groin, that should give you an idea of how difficult this for me).


6 Responses to “Reccomendations?”

  1. 1 trav

    Yep, you sir are picky. At least check out some stuff like The Lord Weird Slough Feg, Riverside, Porcupine Tree, or Believer and branch out. You’re supposed to get more brutal with old age.

    Hmm, comics suggestions…most of these you’ll want to grab a trade or larger collection for, and most are pretty inexpensive, unless you want the limited edition hardcovers which I have tucked away for the child’s college fund. Stuff off the top of my balding head…

    I have yet to grab me some Transmetropolitan (I’ve read some, but it was in the middle of a larger story and thus didn’t make total sense), but anything Warren Ellis touches is gold for me – I’d recommend Planetary, Nextwave (which is funny as hell), or the first 12 issues of The Authority (the other issues after that don’t hold a candle).

    The Walking Dead is an excellent series – it’s more about the horror of living people as opposed to zombies, if the gut munchers aren’t your bag. Not sure if you’ve seen the tv show, but if you have and you liked it, the comics are even better.

    Hellboy gets a recommendation, obviously. Big red guy beating up monsters and nazis, not too far removed from The Goon.

    The Sixth Gun is a new series you might like – sort of a mash up of horror and westerns, but really well done.

    For something pulpy, with dinosaurs and cleavage, Xenozoic Tales has a nice collection out. For something pulpy crime, check out Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips’ Criminal, or Incognito for the same but with “super”heroes. If you want vampires and awesome art, check out American Vampire. The Daredevil run by Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev is good reading. The Sword is pretty good, with some good twists. Mouse Guard is pretty unique, and pretty to look at. Same for Orc Stain, but with more nudity.

    Umm…that’s about all I got. There should be something you like in there, if not, I’ll send you a diaper in the mail.

    • 2 Tom

      wow, thanks trav. i prefer trades anyway, since i just wanna read the stories and look at the art. not concerned with collectibility or resale.

      the only reason i even considered transmetropolitan was because of warren ellis. nextwave was pure genius. so pissed it got cancelled.

      i’ve considered the walking dead too. never seen the show (no tv). may check that out. the sixth gun sounds cool too.

      i got burned out on hellboy and bprd. once mignola quit drawing, i lost interest, and i was never a huge fan of guy davis anyway.

      what i have that i’ve read and enjoyed:

      sin city
      the goon
      bprd (to a point)
      lone wolf and cub
      y: the last man
      jeff loeb & tim sale’s batman stuff
      frank miller’s batman stuff

      all pretty much required reading, nothing too out of the ordinary.

      i’ll look into that stuff. thanks man!

  2. 3 runswithcarrots

    As a comic book nerd’s wife, I feel I can endorse Preacher. Danny is reading and enjoying it.

    Hope you and Katie are welL!

  3. 4 Tom

    just a quick follow up, for those that give damn. i’ve ordered the first trade of transmetropolitan. should be here tomorrow. if it sucks, then i’ve move on to something else.

  4. 5 Danny

    Oh. Out of the blue, but I do read this stuff once in a while… How are you? I should probably send you a proper email, or call. Anywho…

    Trav’s endorsements are spot on. Vicki is right Preacher is cool. I have the first trade read, and half the second. Very well done, yet I fear it will go in some very odd directions.

    I have read the first three trades of Unwritten. It is kind of a hybrid. Fantasy, Harry Potter, Literature, vertigo affair stuff. But very well put together and thought out story. Not a fan of the art.

    I enjoyed The Losers. Yes they made a movie. It was OK. I read the first trade, which is a collection of the first 2 full volumes. Edgy, military, intrigue, spies, and things get blown-up.

    Hands down. The best trades I have read over the last couple of years are The DMZ. Wood’s writing is smart, witty, and real… human. You can tell he has some fun with the character stereotypes, but brings them down where you can beleive it. And the art matches in every step of the story, covers, interiors, and even guest artists. I wish I wrote this one.

    Oh. 100 Bullets. Can’t go wrong. Start with volume 1.


    • 6 Tom

      yo dude! it has indeed been awhile.

      i remember you mentioning 100 bullets awhile back. and i recall seeing dmz. have to check those two out.

      transmetropolitan is fucking awesome though. love it. ellis is a fucking genius. i seriously don’t know how he comes up with those strings of vulgarity. two tugs of a dead dog’s dick? brilliant.

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