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ok, the song is shit, but you gotta check out the video. leonard nimoy kicks ass. via topless robot.

check this out. trying to get my local store to donate some stuff. you mooks should do the same. if actually owned any all ages stuff i’d send some of my own. quick update: borderlands will be donating books to this cause. i really encourage all you fellow dorks to get your local shop involved.


crazy. five years now. hard to believe. to commemorate this momentous occasion, we rented a tiny little cabin on lake lure in north carolina. beautiful place. so quiet and peaceful. the entire front of the cabin was a screened in porch. spent most of our time here, reading, grilling, eating, or in the hot tub. […]

Gee Zuss…


what a day yesterday. outside on a shoot all day; directed traffic because apparently when people see orange cones they suddenly lose the ability to make decisions; dealing with permit issues because of petty nosy rich spoiled neighbors who have nothing better to do than call the city and complain because once very small part […]

*sigh.* i’d really just like to take it easy and paint some today, but its just not possible. i’ll probably get to do some, just not as much as i’d like. so much to do. lots of little stuff. i did get this guy done last night though: so at least theres that.

Happy 66 Dad…


i love you.

to all you mothers, and muthas, out there.



little did i know that suwanee, georgia was home to the hall of justice. oh, and sister hazel sucks.